SAP IS-U Billing & Invoicing

Course Title  : SAP IS-U CCS Billing & Invoicing (IUT230)

It is real time Configuration and Business Process Implementation Training given by experienced consultants

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Description  : The IS-U Billing component is used for billing the following standard divisions: Electricity, gas, water/waste water, district heating, and multimedia services (for example, cable TV).  The supply and services provided by a utility company are billed using this component.  It offers a range of billing procedures with a variety of selection and control options

The IS-U Invoicing component enables you to group services and invoice them on one bill.  You can also use the component to calculate and charge fees and taxes.

Course Contents  :

1.   IS-U CCS Billing & Invoicing course contents

Unit 1 Business Scenario
Unit 2 Billing in the IS-U Data Model
Unit 3 Billing Master Data
Unit 4 Use of Rates in the Master Data
Unit 5 Discounts/Surcharges
Unit 6 Billing
Unit 7 Manual Billing
Unit 8 Invoicing
Unit 9 Clearing Control
Unit 10 Budget Billing
Unit 11 Bill Printout
Unit 12 Special Billing Features

2.   Practical orientated sessions  :

  • Tables usage, function modules and Events etc.
  • Prepare Business process blue print documents.
  • Prepare functional specs for Enhancements, Data Migration, Forms, Interfaces and Reports.
  • Unit test and integration test, Post Go-live issues and Support process and prepare our students for Certifications exams.

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